Monday, May 10, 2010

" Voting today "

Today marks a historical day for all of us.
The first time we would be using the automated machine as oppose to manual election.
Hoping that in the few days to come, sans corruption, sans cheating, nothing but clean and honest voting outcome.

so here's proof that the 3of us did vote. ^0^

and a "long" list of ballot sheet goes on...
1 president
1 vice-president
12 senators,
1 party list,
and some local representatives.


the place of our voting precinct...
we had to look our brgy no. where we're located and its precinct no.
where we'll be voting.


and this is another view of the public school.

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  1. Hopefully maging mapayapa lahat. God Bless our country.

  2. Good luck to us! hehe that looks like a good place to vote. check out my precinct in contrast! haha

  3. misalyn: yea, i hope so too! ^0^

    luis: tnx! ^0^

    layrayski: haha, if only you saw the entire view of it. ^0^
    buti nalang, the place wasn't too crowded.

  4. Hope the right candidate wins. I miss Phil election. They have such a festive mood, it's like a fiesta.

  5. Wow, that's very up todate method of voting.Our method in Malaysia is still using pencil to mark the candidates or parties of our choice in ballot papers that are placed in ballot boxes and gathered at the end of day to a polling center and counted manually and that means where re-counting is to be done, results can be obtained only at the wee hours of next morning.Interesting post.

  6. photo cache: lol, oo nga, we love politics for sure! ^0^
    glad that so far the election's going good. ^-^

    mood: hi! that's what we used to have, but in here, it takes days, even weeks before the results would come out, hence, the cheating and unfair ballot counts.
    i hope this new automated thing is for real and for the better. ^-^

  7. I followed the election in the news so I find these photos very interesting.


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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