Thursday, May 13, 2010

" Are you awake? "

I was about to give up on my post for today,
Lately, the connection was poor,
It was really frustrating to wait for a page to open only to find out it has either timed out or it can't open the page.
According to our "server", a major problem occurred in their system which up to now,
they still can't seem to identify.

This is what I look like now, tired and sleepy already. ^-^


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  1. another blogger was having a tough time uploading pics on blogspot last night. i didn't thankfully.

    doing a b/w is a nice touch in subject matters like this.

  2. Nice shot ! and don't give up : )

  3. I sure hope you're not sleeping topless outside. ;)

    Sorry to hear about your internet problems. Looks like we've been very lucky here — our PLDT broadband's just fine.

  4. I will be waiting for your zeros and ones to come through, even if they take some time. Should they be delayes, I will just take it easy like this guy.

  5. luis: ^0^

    photo c: glad it hasn't happen to you, i'm thinkin of switchin to other server...tnx! ^0^

    boom & T.Beque: tnx! ^0^

    hilda: haha! No! wouldn't dare to! ^0^ i think it depends on the area and i think i would like to switch to pldt now. ^0^

    ab: lol, good thinking. ^0^

  6. This photo is very intense, many compliments

  7. I understand your frustration, this problem followed me on my last trip. I like the b&w

  8. I'm always in a coma after a long day at work, so yes, that's me, too! haha.

  9. realistic catch Arabesque...


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