Tuesday, March 2, 2010

" Ilaya "

Continuing my post the other day,
I'll be showing more sights and good finds that can be seen around Divisoria.
I hope you'll be ready for some more...^0^
Divisoria is just a jeepney ride away, considered to be one of the oldest district of Manila.
It's not much of a tourist spot, the place caters to local filipinos and an ultimate flea market for those who craves for cheap and good finds, haggling for prices is a must, although, the items for sale are already affordable.
Along Divisoria, you'll find a street named Ilaya, which is famous for its clothing, textile and linens.
I don't think there isn't a day that this place's noiseless, on a daily routine, vendors would be shouting for their products, carriers with their big boxes and carts are going to and fro wherever you go, passerby scouting for a good find and cars are inaccessible in this area.
It's literally such a busy street that one must be extra-extra careful of their belongings.

a festoon of colorful feathers for sale.

who said yellow pants are passe?! ^0^
apparently they have it in different sizes.

and these are the vendors selling cloths, they have an array of choices for you to choose from.

and of course, fancy jewelry all in a row, all meticulously hand made.

and like a kid, i still adore stuff toys, you name it, they have it here, of course, they're not the authentic ones. ^0^

and here's the street name and the signage details.

have a splash of mellow yellow ,and share your world. ^0^

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  1. What a festival of colors. Love the yellow jeans; I'd never wear them, but they look really cool hanging there!

  2. very colorful pictures.. and the yellow jeans, are there for those who have a guts.. very complete market and complete pictures..

  3. I am salivating. I loved Divisoria. We used to walk from Recto (by UE) to Divisoria and we get there faster than the jeepneys (traffic). I loved everything about it. When I go home for a visit, that's a must stop for me.

  4. Awesome colors and photos!
    I haven't been to Divisoria in years! I'm going to enjoy this tour.

  5. very colorful Arabesque, i miss the noise of our "palengke" :) Divisoria is a good place to buy clothes and etc. because the prices are lower compare to others

  6. I like the colors, they are so vivid. You can feel the energy of the place.


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