Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Stars seen at Christmas" take One!

Happy 2010 to everyone!
Thank you "all" for your inspiring comments!

Alas, back from our holiday trip... very tiring, still sleepy zZzZz...
but a total rest & relaxation for the past few days.
Still wishing it's yesterday or the day before and certainly will be missing my ultimate vacation. haha!
Now, i'm stuck with a whole bunch of fotos which i can't post here bec. it's not related to manila...
oh well... ^-^

"Pinoys"- filipinos have a thing for celebrities, we like to gossip, the glitz and the glamour, the who's in and
who's out of the circle. The media likes to make a big fuss as well as the society likes to debate about it.
It's supposed to be last year's... but to upload these fotos would take me forever as i don't have a wifi connection.

Every year, the MMFF ( metro manila film festival ) would have its annual Parade here in Manila,
More like the Oscar/golden globe kind of thing.
It's a sought after event as gigantic floats would passed by hoping to catch a glimpse of famous Pinoy celebrities.
Usually they would start off at the Quirino grandstand going all the way to the Aliw theatre.
But this year it's the other way around.

Getting to know who they are...
This is my first attempt, it's obviously the wrong angle bec. i was on the 3rd floor of our condo and so all i could see were these humongous trees blocking my view....


as this bus was arriving, i took some costumey figures of guys in ninja outfits!




and soon it's arrived! "Panday" the movie- starring Bong Revilla ( the one in the red shirt) who's also currently our Senator and running for a re-election.


He won Best actor for this movie.
It's said that this was the most extravagant and lavish budget, from an all star cast to the production.


The leading lady in this film is Iza Calzado, that would be her wearing the white gown.


see the three guys sitting over there.... yup, they're the supporting actors.


and so the saga continues for " Mano Po 6 " produced by Mother Lily Monteverde
starring: Sharon Cuneta - the one on the left side who's waving and smiling.
and also the other casts included on this movie.




Do you know Manny Pacquiao? the Pound for pound, ultimate Boxer of all time,
who won 7 titles at the moment and plans to defeat Mayweather Jr. on the next fight?
well, he's the main character in this Movie called "Wapakman"
He plays an ordinary man with special powers...
Bad publicity before the movie was even shown, he was rumored to have a fling with one of his leading ladies.


well, Pacquiao fans were kind of dissapointed as he's a no-show in this parade event.
the one wearing the red suit was supposed to be him.


funny thing, i overheard a kid talking with his father,
he said: dad, why would Pacquiao not take off his mask so we can take a good look at him....



~and more of this tomorrow! ^0^

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  1. Great series of photos covering the Stars parade! It looks like a lot of fun and energy! It's minus 25 degrees Celsius here in EAGAN today - you are lucky to have warm weather!

  2. Welcome back, a Happy New Year and all the best in 2010.

    Come to think of it I don't think I've ever seen a Filipino movie. I'd have to remedy that :) That looks like a great parade in your photos.

  3. Ha! these are fun shots Arabesque, I've never seen on MMFF parade yet. Glad you're back and have a wonderful new year to you and yours.

  4. Happy New Year Arabesque. Too bad it's over your vacation. That extensive report of the event movie of your country, also is full of humor :-)

  5. welcome back Arabesque! and happy new year! :) so how's the trip? i can understand you, i also feel that way whenever the holiday is finish....

    your pictures are all nice, never seen a star parade before, thanks for sharing them Arabesque

  6. leif: tnx!
    wow, now it;s really -25? for real? haha, i can almost imagine how cold it is. ^0^

    afv: tnx! ^0^

    andreea: haha, Fil.films tend to be melodramatic at times. ^0^

    johnny: gracias! ^0^

    maricar: glad you like it, took me almost an hour waiting for them. ^0^
    the trip was fun and relaxing.^0^
    took a lot of fotos, but don;t have time to sort them yet.hehe.

  7. Wonderful set of photos here - it looks like a fantastic festival. The floats are reaklly nice, but my favourite is the mano po - a mother's love.
    (BElated) Happy New Years wishes and all the best for 2010 Arabesque.
    Melbourne Daily Photo


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