Thursday, January 21, 2010

" StaRe "

are you a cat lover?


Some random stray cat i found on the street, typical of manila, you'll either find dogs or cats lurking here and there, i was careful not to disturb him/her while silently, i took the shot from a distance, surprise-surprise! it was staring back at me. I was caught off guard, maybe he can sense my presence already.

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  1. Wow, they are super sensitive so you can never go unnoticed even if you think you're out of sight. Looks like it needs more feeding. Great shot!

  2. So lovely! We're definitely cat people here

  3. A beautiful cat portrait! I'm not a big cat fan but that one is a beauty!

  4. I'm not so crazy about cats but I like this one! It looks too beautiful to be a stray :)

  5. Nice portrait. Bucharest is also full of stray cats; I like them better than the stray dogs.


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