Tuesday, January 19, 2010


PNR- Philippine National Railways, one of the oldest conventional transporation here in Metro Manila.
It is a state-owned railway system and was only developed modernly in 1984.
It operates on two different rail lines. (the North and South rail line.)

The government is actively pursuing the rehabilitation of PNR through various investments and projects designed to revive Philippine rail transport. The situation however is still hampered because of the large numbers of slum dwellers on the rail tracks throughout the entire rail system, although some portions of the southrail line, where informal settlers were successfully relocated to housing settlements outside Metro Manila.

This is a sample of what the old train looks like.

The Entrance

The side view of the old train


The PNR logo gate outside

My short field trip today was to visit the Train's headquarter which is located here in Manila.
I've never been to this side of town for awhile and was at first hesitant because it's not the usual route that i would go to.
Commuting for a train here is a little passe and uncommon unlike India which is very busy,
because there are more accesible and cheaper rides you can choose.
Before, It used to be uninviting, dilapidated, old and inaccessible.
But now, I'm surprised to see for myself how it's improved.
The new change would be that there are more "new" train engines coming thus, opening more routes all the way to the provinces like Sorsogon and La union.
I'm glad the gov't has found ways of progress and new developements.
I hope these "new hopes" won't be gone to waste in the future.

*Have you ever rode on a train before? What was it like? ^0^

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  1. I hope that the govt would actively pursue rehabilitation of the train system. Every urban area esp Manila needs a functioning train system. It would reduce the traffic in Edsa and other major thoroughfares a lot.


  2. it look old, are there cariage? you can find this type of train here in oz only at the museum,

  3. Madalas ko nakikita yan noon kapag pumapasok ako sa Phil. Heart Center. From Alabang to Mantrade kasi nagba-bus ako then MRT na papuntang GMA.

    Lumang luma na nga ang hitsura nya, pero sissy di ba mas may bago ng mga trains ngayon? Most probably they want to keep those old trains para ilagay sa museums or sa place na makikita ang history ng PNR.

  4. That is a real neat vintage train, glad you've captured it still with glory. It must be kept in the right historic museum of the PI.

  5. I really think that trains are good alternative modes of transpo. I hope things will push through for PNR. My World entry is up too.

  6. Between the squatters and the corruption, I'm hoping against hope that the project finishes. MM is so overpopulated, a rehabilitated train system for easy commuting will help convince people to settle in nearby provinces.

  7. thanks for sharing this to us Arabesque, let's just hope and pray that "new hopes" will someday be reality...

    i did rode on a "real trains" (not mrt or lrt) some are fascinating because of the view but some are scary because it's so high, one is from our trip to Butterworth from Bangkok

  8. I ride on a train everyday to work but it's not nearly as authentic as this! I'd love to take a ride in this :)

  9. I like traveling by train, it a way of transportation quite popular in Europe. The old train looks quite lovely.


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