Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Asleep "


On my way home the other day, I saw this vendor selling fresh tomatoes on the street.
It was lunchtime so most establishments were closed.
This lady, maybe tired from the heat, suddenly got so sleepy and thought since it's lunch, why not have a quick nap... ^0^

Studies have shown that a 10 minute power nap is good, as it rejuvenates your mind and body.
It also helps you to be more focus on your work.
Although it's not my habit, do you often take naps in between breaks? ^-^

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  1. I'm pretty sure I've taken a nap with my eyes open at work a couple of times ;P I love tomatos!

  2. The colors of those tomatoes are really eye-catching. We don't usually have a siesta here, a nap during the lunch break, I do whenever I can afford it.

  3. The tomatoes make it a lovely photo! (Even though I don't like to eat raw tomatoes) And I'm not telling if I ever sneak in a quick nap...

  4. Power naps work great, so I'm sure this woman felt better after her nap.

  5. I try to and not get caught ;-)
    This is really a striking photo. Love the colors and textures here.

  6. Your photography is very eye-catching. I've enjoyed visiting your blog. The history and culture you provide are very interesting.

  7. a great capture. the tomatoes all look good.

    i used to catnap at lunchtime and the 15 minutes i snooze really helps me get thru the rest of my day.

  8. Nah, no naps here but I've also heard they're supposed to be good for you.

    I hope no one snatched a tomatoe while she was resting!

  9. Fabulous photo...brilliant textures and colors..and the whole energy to it!

  10. I am glad I read the title. I thought the woman was crying

  11. I wish I could…
    Buti na lang hindi siya nagising at nakita ka. Kundi, baka nahampas ka ng tuwalya! ;D

  12. Beautiful photo, looks almost like a painting, like one of Diego Rivera's working class paintings.

  13. kaori: me too! ^0^

    eki: ^0^
    leif: haha, so you do take naps!

    steffe: yes, it's rejuvenating for her.

    renee: hi! tnx!
    snowcatcher: tnx for droppin by!

    photocache: yes, have to agree they look fresh! ^0^

    rob n mandy: haha, me too! ^0^
    per stromsjo: haha, i don;t think so, she's a local vendor already.

    kiki: ^0^

    ab: ah, bec. she's facing down, nah, she's just sleepy! ^0^

    hilda: haha, yun na nga! sneaky shot ulit! ^0^ buti nalang mahimbing ang 2log.^0^

    andreea: wow! tnx! ^0^

  14. I do, very refreshing and this is a great shot again.


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