Thursday, November 12, 2009

You know Christmas is fast approaching when you see fancy lights, adorned trinkets and christmas songs playing on the mall and radio.


"Parol" are star shaped inspired lanterns displayed during the yuletide season.
It comes from the spanish word called farol. It is a very traditional and cultural
thing for the filipinos.
It symbolizes hope and light over darkness.
Analogy : Christmas tree= Parol

They are usually made of bamboo sticks and papers, then it can have a whole lot of variation.
Prices don't come cheap, they can differ from sizes, shapes and designs.

This isn't the best that i've seen yet but when you see incandescent lights, just flickeringly bright, don't you just feel the warmth of christmas inside your heart? ^-^

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  1. The Parols are wonderful! Fun to see your Christmas decorations!

  2. Not what I'm used to in terms of Christmas decoration but very cute and cheerful, so much "in the spirit" of the holidays.

  3. I like these. Here in Munich the decorations are a bit more conservative. Very nice image.

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  5. I was about to post a similar photo, of parol. i'm just too preoccupied with facebook smallworlds that I can barely post hehe nice photo of parol. I didn't know it came from the word farol. we learn something everyday :)

  6. I wish we could have those for our Christmas. It doesn't make sense to have pine trees, snow, and warm clothes when it is +30 outside, sunny, and dry.

  7. Give me a plain white capiz parol anytime. I love Christmas!!! Despite the mad rush, traffic, stress and exhaustion. ;)

  8. leif,chin,olli and andreea:
    thanx! ^-^

    cristobal: glad you like it! tnx for droppin by! ^-^

    hilda: yah, it somehow takes off your stress! ^0^

    layrayski: haha,understandable excuse...can;t get enuf of facebuk din before, i used to be so gaga over farmtown! ^0^

  9. beautiful parol, i just wish i have one like that here, thanks for sharing...

    Merry Christmas! :)


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