Tuesday, October 13, 2009

you might be wondering what's so special about this guy...


In here, we would likely call him as Kuya (brother) or Manong.
He's a vendor selling feather dusters and hand made "walis" (broom).Silently, I was about to take a photo of what he's selling, but he saw me and thought that I was going to buy one of his brooms. Caught in the middle, i sheepishly asked if it's okay for me to take a photo of him instead? Without a blink of an eye, he said: sure! why not and happily gave me this smiling pose.
the result: i end up taking his photo and not his goods. ^-^

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  1. Well done and a much more interesting photo was the reward!

  2. Nice portrait! Does he ship feather dusters to Minnesota?!

  3. per stromsjo: i don't think in his wildest dreams that his face would end up in my blog. ^-^

    leif: haha, imagine if he can deliver it right at your doorstep! ^0^

  4. Nice portrait. I'm always shy to photograph people for my blog. Too bad because the portraits always turn up to be strong photographs.


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