Monday, October 5, 2009

Whenever i go downtown, i make sure i visit Binondo Church.

After all, this is where i was baptized.

I'm always fascinated at its structure and its interior.

Its gilded and marble columns, beautiful fresco paintings, baroque inspired interior and how it was restored and preserved.

Upon posting this today... i googled some surprising facts about this churchs' history.


Binondo Church has changed a lot through the years...

Its history has overcome wars, natural calamities and colonization..

Its name has been changed time and time again.This is one of the oldest churches to date... since 1596. Founded by Dominican Priests.

Its original name was Our lady of the most holy rosary parish or the Minor Basilica and National Shrine of San Lorenzo Ruiz.

One of its significant early architects was Domingo de la Cruz González.

It has a Spanish and European Baroque style more or less, inspired by the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

The octagonal bell tower on top of the altar however, is the only significant remaining part of the original structure.

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  1. Wow, this is truly a beautiful church. I'm so glad you shared it with us.

  2. A really beuatiful church and you have captured the light so perfectly! St. Peter's; yes you have a replica an an altar piece! Looks like a fantastic piece of art!

  3. Well snapped! This is the kind of place where I could spend hours with the camera.

  4. After so many decades of living in MM, would you believe I only got to visit the church early this year? Its history is amazing!

  5. sharon: thnx ^-^

    peter: hi! tnx for droppin by! it's a fantastic church indeed. ^-^

    per stromsjo: haha, me too! i wish i cud stay longer, un4tun8tly, the guard kept looking at me as of i was stealing something and well, i was in a hurry that day... ^-^

    hilda: hehe, guess you're not really a person. ^-^
    and yes, it's an amazing history!

  6. I've been to a lot of churches in Manila but I dont believe Ive ever been there. Thanks for showing it to us ;)

  7. Heavenly photo of a magnificent church! I should post a photo of our church where our daughters were baptized!

  8. leif: hi! would love to see it sometime. ^-^ be waiting for your post!


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