Thursday, October 29, 2009

what is significant about this spot?


If China has a "No Spitting" sign and Singapore has a "No Durian allowed" inside the mrt.
In almost every alley and street in Manila you'll find this sign Bawal Umihi Dito and wonder what it means... I couldn't find an exact translation of this but it's simply: "No Urinating!"

I'm not proud to share this but here, most men in general has a habit of peeing on the dark alleys or anywhere for that matter...blame it on the uncontrollable call of nature...

This barricade was on the corner of US embassy and lurkers like me holding a camera is a definite no-no.
I was hoping to take a photo of the facade of the embassy when i stumbled on this bill. A few seconds later, a security guard on bike was roaming around and silently eyeing at me and my camera.
hmm... then i saw that there was another bigger sign: no loiterring,
no photography, no littering sign around the area.

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  1. I hope that dogs and thier owners can read this sign too. I see that some of my neighbourhood dogs love to find gates and car wheels to pee.

  2. I was glad to find out that we're not the only ones who have signs like this. Ken Mac at Greenwich Village (NYC) DP once posted a similar sign. But yes, definitely not something to be proud of. :(

  3. I love the perspective! Cool patterns too. heheh I posted a similar sign on my blog too ;)

    word verification: sores (so weird)

  4. Nice angle. I would't mind some "No spitting" signs on the streets of Bucharest.


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