Friday, October 2, 2009

a view of the Sta. Mesa creek.

the weather: just perfect...

Photobucket normally,

this creek would seem very calm and reposed.

but last week, when typhoon ondoy/ketsana hit Metro Manila, water has reached up to its limit, causing great flooding and devastation around this area.

While most of the residents here are still traumatized by last week's typhoon, esp. those in affected areas like Marikina, Rizal, Muntinlupa etc. as relief operations are stillongoing.

Some houses and establishments in Pateros, Taguig etc. are still submerge in water.It will be weeks before the water would subside.
And tomorrow, I think all of us are dreading bec. another one called Pepeng is coming and sources says it will hit hard, maybe not directly in Metro Manila but mostly in northern part of Luzon.
I pray for everyone's safety...

see the skies! this friday...

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  1. I can feel how nice the day must be with this picture. Yeah, me too. Every rain I get this scared feeling and I wasn't even there in Manila.

  2. The landscape is beautiful. It's a pity it is flooded this way. I hope the next typhoon is not that hard on you.

  3. Thank God for sunshine and blue sky! Hurray the rain has stopped!

  4. What a clear blue sky. And this picture remind me of some suburbs near Jakarta too. Hope earth always be nice to us.

  5. beachlike: tnx ^-^

    layrayski: yeah, now i think i have a lil rain phobia. ^0^

    carlos: i hope so too! ^-^

    leif: hi! nice of u to drop by again! and crossing fingers that the upcoming typhoons won't be too damaging...^-^

    permenmint: i hope so 2! ^-^ tnx!

  6. I am so glad it skipped us, but I feel so bad for the northern coastal provinces. I hear the wind's so strong it's blowing roofs off houses! Prayers indeed for all of us in the Pacific region…


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