Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is the facade of National Museum, established in 1901 and located along Padre Burgos St. near Rizal Park.

It's designed in 1918 by an American Architect named Daniel Burnham.


What used to be a congress bldg. Today, it houses the arts, archeology, anthropology and some of rare artifacts and ornaments.

Among the many displays here is the San Diego galleon and famous works of Juna luna called
-which takes pride at the National Art Gallery and also works by Felix R. Hidalgo, Napoleon Abueva and more.

Funny thing though, i passed by this place almost a hundred times but never got the chance to see what's inside or even have a field trip when i was still studying then. I hope i can visit it sometime and of course, share it here.

Oh well, this cdp blogging has given me a bigger insight and made me more aware of the sights and things that i need to explore.

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  1. The art galleries in Edinburgh are almost exactly the same neo-classical style. Amazing how it's gone round the whole world.

  2. Beautiful building. I think it's the same for all of us, with the museums in out cities, we only visit them on special occasions. In Europe they have a "Night of the museums" twice a year, when all the museums in the city stay open until late at night and you can enter for free. This has proved to be a very popular event and lots of people visited some of the museums in their cities for the first time.

  3. Beautiful building and photo. You should go inside and see the museum.
    Thanks for sharing and come back and tell us about your visit inside.

  4. What?? You've never been inside? And I thought all schools in MM forced field trips there for their students. ;)

    Didn't know it used to be a congress building. Manila (and Baguio) would be a much better-looking city if it followed Burnham's plans even after the Americans left.

    Great shot! Suddenly, it looks so clean! ;)

  5. me too! there are certain places that has been there so long, we pass by it so often, but never go in and take a look! :-)

  6. this is a must-see place while the collections are modest in number. Their value is quite important for the Philippines. My fave is the Spoliarium. It was quite a surprised to see it for real! It's really something to be proud of, as well as the other items housed in this museum.

  7. margaret: hi! glad you dropped by, tnx!

    andreea: really? ^-^ i think that's exciting. i hope our country can do that also.

    eileeninmd: tnx! ^-^

    hilda: yah, it could've been better if filipinos would Listen to others sometimes and take away their pride...and i was shocked that it was clutter free too! ^-^

    keropok: i think when you're in your own country, you tend to neglect museums like this, unless you're travelling...^-^
    tnx for droppin by!

    marites: yeah, the spoliarium is what i'm curious about. i hope i could see it someday... ugh! if only i had the time...^_^

  8. hehe me too! Whenever I see the building through the MRT's (?) windows I always plan on going there but I still haven't.

  9. chin: tnx! ^_^

    layrayski: hehe. ^-^ i'm going for free entrance on sundays... maybe one of these days...


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