Sunday, September 27, 2009

yesterday, typhoon "Ondoy" hit Manila leaving us with endless rain, flood and sheer devastation.
I would've posted something yesterday, but my sister and i got stuck inside our school for almost 4-5hrs. and waiting in vain can be a pain.
I've taken these photos on my cellphone so, pls. bear with the image if it's blurry.
Around 10-ish in the morning, while we're still having class, the typhoon hit Manila and normally we're used in situations like these but last saturday,
i think it all left us unprepared.
Around 1pm, i thought the water would've started to subside already as i was wishing the rain would stop, unfortunately, it didn't... and just in a span of 30mts. to an hour , the water keeps adding up, there was just flood Everywhere!
The more we waited for it to stop as the strong winds keep banging the windows, the more it didn't and you're only left with two choice.

1. submerge your two feet in those filty water.
2. wait inside a safe area and wait till 2morrow.

We chose the former, at around 4pm, it was now or never, almost all modes of transportaions were halted as private cars were already stranded except for
the railway station.
oh yeah...around 2pm, the power went out...
then i kindly ask the guard downstairs to find us a Pedicab,
as that is the only choice we have.
I used to haggle with pedicab drivers for a better price but that afternoon,
even if i know, he was over pricing us of twice the price you pay for a normal ride, without thinking twice, my sis and i agreed on it.

It doesn't stop there, because our school was flood-prone area, the water was above the knees already, hence, we can't sit inside the, bec. half of it was soaked in water, instead, we sat on top of it!
Literally, we're sitting on top of its roof, while the driver was pushing the vehicle along.
I could've taken photos of the both us, but imagine that at time, we're just exhausted, despearate to go home and trying to balance ourselves on top of it.

Luckily, we only live nearby and thank God we finally made it home. ^-^

On a sad note, the city of Marikina, Pasig and Cainta got the worst hit.
As i was listening to the a.m radio, you can't help but to get teary eyed and be worried about their situations, a lot of their houses were already covered in water,almost 6-7ft above, most of people are on their rooftop seeking refuge and still waiting for the rescue team.
The NDCC ( national disaster coordination council ), together with the phil. navy, army and all gov't sectors. worked hand in hand in trying to save most of the people who are in dire need.

This could be the worst flood that hit Manila.

floods around mendiola.


that's what a pedicab looks like...


the road is now looking like a river. around 2pm.


this man i don't really know what's he doing in the middle of the road, but he's drenched in rain already..

this pedicab driver trying so hard to push his vehicle... taken around 3pm...



blurry image taken while we were on top of the p. cab.


people walking... look at just how deep the water is!


on the left side is the LRT, the only mode of transpo left for most of the stranded commuters.

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  1. hi. so glad you're ok. i can't imagine the things you experienced. saw some videos at facebook. scary scary scary.

  2. layrayski: i know, it's a nightmare...

  3. Thailand also got impact of this typhoon "Ondoy" but not much.You make a good decision.

    Take care yourself.

  4. I'm glad to hear you're okay and I hope that the flooding has subsided.

  5. I am sooo glad you're okay! I actually thought of you over the weekend but I was worrying too much about my office mates (my family were all okay). Many of them live in Marikina and I was texting everyone. And my second-to-the-worst fear was realized — several of them had flood waters reach their roofs so everything in their homes are destroyed. But I am thankful that my worst fear did NOT happen because no one was hurt.

    Now for another difficult task, that of helping everyone to recover…

    (HUGS) I'm really glad you're safe.

  6. chin: thanx! also glad the gr8 imapact didn't hit ur country.^-^

    photo cache: thnx for ur concern...
    the flood has subsided on some areas but the aftermath was harsh, most of the people are back to zero again, really devastating...

    hilda: i'm so glad u n ur family are ok, i think, that is the most impt.thing right now, material things can be earn again...
    thnx so much 4ur concern, really appreciate it... ^-^
    but,still feel bad for those people who are stranded and for those who lost their lives. :(
    it tears you up when you see them on t.v...totally helpless.

  7. Gee. And here we are complaining about harmless bad weather now and then when there are such beasts as typhoons on this planet.

    Take care!

  8. I read that at least 100 have died - very serious cosequence of a cooling world.

  9. per stromsjo: yeah, mother nature can be harsh at times...
    thanx! appreciate it...

  10. Ihad experience with flooding too.That's so scary. Glad to know that you're okay. Hope things getting better.


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