Saturday, September 5, 2009

~ a tour inside NAIA ( ninoy aquino international airport )
are you a cigar aficionado?

a smoke pipe for sale inside...

good quality cigars...

personally, i don't smoke and i don't intend to... but i'm always curious to try out that pipe, when i was a kid... i used to catch my grandpa smoking outside our patio and my auntie has a tobacco business in the province.
Filipinos are generally addicted to smoking... they can skip breakfast but definitely not this habit...well i guess, most of the men do... ^-^

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  1. I won't smoke them, but I wouldn't mind collecting hookahs. Some of them can be downright gorgeous!

  2. I smoke some Lucky Strike, but I smoke by night or when the streets are cold.

    A big hug


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    Trujillo Daily Photo

  3. If I bought the smoke pipe, it would only be for an exotic interior design piece! They are beautiful!

  4. hilda: that's it! it's called hookah.. i was trying to remember what's it called... thanks!^-^

  5. I don't smoke them,
    just watch my friend smoke "baraku "


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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