Sunday, August 2, 2009

~tie a yellow ribbon...
on a sad note... our late president Cory Aquino, the 1st lady president who ruled our country past away last saturday...
headlines have been reporting non-stop since it happened.
Mourners paid their tribute and in honor of remembering her great courage and strong faith, we have to observe 10 days mourning period.

I was only 7 when our country was in turmoil during the marcos dictatorship... Cory Aquino's husband- Ninoy Aquino who was a senator back then, was supposedly the one running for presidency but was assasinated by still unknown assailants.
People blamed Marcos for what happened, he declared the martial law and thus, resulting to a coup d'etat and angry countrymen crying out for justice, freedom and democracy...Cory Aquino shouldered all these burdens and decided she would run for presidency...
she was an icon and a hero... " Filipinos are worth dying for" was the motto...

to show respect... people tied yellow ribbons and banners everywhere...
it's going to be a sad day for us filipinos... her memories will surely be missed...

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  1. I sorry to hear the Philippines' news! I remember her as the woman in yellow! Thanks for the photos

  2. I remember reading/seeing a lot about her. May she rest in peace.

    Thank you for visiting my Villigen blog.

  3. i was in college when People Power happened. Prior to that, I wsa in a lot of yellow friday rallies and her passing made me really sad. She's one of my heroes.


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