Saturday, August 8, 2009

can you guess what this is ?

~ presenting... Dried Grilled Squid a.k.a Inihaw na Pusit...

a street food that costs less than 10 pesos... it's very cheap and tasty.
It's basically squids that are sun dried and then grilled till perfection...
Voila! happy weekend fellow bloggers ^-^

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  1. To be able to learn such simple, everyday foods (and way of life) of people so far away, that is the BEST thing in the internet-and in City Daily Blogs, e?!!!
    But also to feel linked with far away people, by everyday love-things also, like the book reading!

  2. Hmmm, interesting. I'd try it once if someone gave me one.

  3. Oh yummm!
    Ba't wala kaming ganyan dito sa Philcoa? Kainggit! ;)

  4. Like kebabs. I would like to try them one day, maybe they would be a little chewy.


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